The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry

“Welcome to the website of the Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1995.  The Inquiry is independent from government and has two main components.  One is the Acknowledgement Forum, whose members listened to the experiences of those who were children in residential institutions (other than schools) in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1995.  The Acknowledgement Forum completed their interviews in November 2014.

The other component is the Statutory Inquiry.  This is investigating whether children suffered abuse in the same institutions between 1922 and 1995, and gathers evidence from those who say they suffered abuse in those institutions, as well as evidence from the institutions themselves, and evidence from government and other public bodies such as health and social care trusts.  The Statutory Inquiry component has been holding Public Hearings since January 2014.

I want to assure all those who may be affected by the Inquiry that we are doing everything within our power to carry out our tasks in a thorough, rigorous, impartial and sensitive manner without any unavoidable delay.  As our work progresses, we are making more information available on this website, including daily transcripts of the evidence given at the public hearings."

Sir Anthony Hart


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