Chairman's Statements, Public Notices and Press Releases

Updated:  1 July 2017

Date Chairman's Statements, Public Notices and Press Releases Description
31/05/12 Response to announcement by First Minister and Deputy First Minister.
01/10/12 Appointment of two more panel members and opening of the application process.
01/10/12 Opening of application process, website and helpline.
01/10/12 Opening of application process, website and helpline.
19/10/12 Extension of Terms of Reference to cover period 1922 to 1995.
19/10/12 Extension of Terms of Reference to cover period 1922 to 1995.
01/11/12 Statistics showing number of applications received.
02/11/12 Appointment of counsel to the Inquiry.
30/11/12 Update on applications and progress of legislation.
29/01/13 Legislation receives Royal Assent.
02/13 Inquiry Chairman to host two presentations on the work of Inquiry and proposed timelines.
21/02/13 Launch of promotional campaign 'Talk to us - we'll listen'.
21/02/13 Opening of first public presentation in the Ramada Encore Hotel.
27/02/13 Opening of second public presentation in the Everglades Hotel.
01/03/13 An appeal for victims and survivors to come forward being rolled out across NI.
31/05/13 Launch of international appeal for victims and survivors to come forward.
22/08/13 Inquiry Chairman to host presentation on work of Inquiry, proposed timelines and associated procedural issues.
22/08/13 Inquiry to hold third public presentation and team to visit Australia.
04/09/13 Opening of third public presentation in Ramada Encore Hotel.
01/11/13 Closing date for applications - 29th November 2013.
20/12/13 Opening hearing of Inquiry to commence on 13th January 2014 in Banbridge Courthouse followed by Module 1 - Sisters of Nazareth, Derry/Londonderry.
10/01/14 Opening hearing and public evidence sessions to commence in Banbridge Courthouse.
13/01/14 Opening remarks at commencement of hearings in Banbridge Courthouse.
06/03/14 Closing date for applications to the Acknowledgement Forum - 30th April 2014.
13/03/14 Closing date for applications to the Acknowledgement Forum - 30th April 2014.
19/05/14 Announcement of second visit to Australia and planned start dates for Module 2.
18/06/14 Chairman to request an extension of one year to the life of the Inquiry.
12/08/14 HIA Inquiry to focus on child migration programme.
14/08/14 Module 2 - Child Migration Programme to commence 1st September 2014.
29/08/14 Inquiry's Child Migration hearings commence.
01/09/14 Opening remarks at commencement of Module 2 - Child Migration Programme.
18/09/14 Module 3 - De La Salle Boys' Home to commence 29th September 2014.
19/09/14 Inquiry to focus on former De La Salle Boys' Home,Rubane House in Kircubbin.
26-09-14 Module 3 - De La Salle Boys' Home to commence 29th September 2014.
29/09/14 Opening remarks at commencement of Module 3 - De La Salle Boys' Home.
21/10/14 Secretary of State for NI gives assurances that all Departments of HM Government and its agencies will co-operate with the HIA Inquiry into Kincora.
17/12/14 Inquiry to focus on Nazareth House and Nazareth Lodge, Belfast run by the Sisters of Nazareth commencing on 5th January 2015.
18/12/14 Module 4 - Sisters of Nazareth, Belfast to commence on 5th January 2015.
13/01/15 Chairman wishes to respond to inaccurate reports and dispel any consequent misunderstanding about the Inquiry's approach to investigating Kincora.
11/05/15 Chairman announces forthcoming schedule of hearings to December 2015.
03/06/15 Module 5 - Fort James and Harberton House to commence 8th June 2015.  Module 6 - Father Brendan Smyth to commence 22nd June 2015.
05/06/15 Inquiry to focus on two former Derry/Londonderry institutions - Fort James Children's Home and Harberton House Assessment Centre.
19/06/15 Inquiry to focus on systemic failings involving Father Brendan Smyth.
17/08/15 Module 7 - Juvenile Justice Institutions to commence 1st September 2015.
04/11/15 Progress and future plans for the Inquiry.
04/11/15 Short redress questionnaire for applicants to be returned by 8th January 2016.
04/11/15 Inquiry Chairman announces future plans for the Inquiry.
30/11/15 Chairman's Statement Changes to the Inquiry Cost Protocol from 1st December 2015.
01/12/15 Module 8 - Barnardo's Children's Homes to commence 7th December 2015.
04/12/15 Barnardo's homes to be examined by the HIA Inquiry.
04/01/16 Module 9 - Manor House Children's Home, Lisburn to commence 5th January 2016.
04/01/16 HIA Inquiry to investigate Manor House Children's Home.
15/01/16 Module 10 - Millisle Borstal to commence 18th January 2016.
18/01/16 Millisle Borstal to be examined by HIA Inquiry.
04/02/16 Module 11 - St Joseph's Training School, Middletown to commence 8th February 2016.
05/02/16 Inquiry to hear evidence on St Joseph's Training School, Middletown.
02/03/16 Module 12 - Congregration of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd to commence 7th March 2016.
04/03/16 Institutions run by the Good Shepherd Sisters to be examined by Inquiry.
01/04/16 Lissue Hospital to be examined by Inquiry.
04/04/16 Module 13 - Lissue Hospital, Lisburn to commence 4th April 2016.
18/04/16 Module 14 - Governance and Finance to commence 26th April 2016.
25/04/16 Inquiry to consider Governance and Finance of Institutions.
26/05/16 Module 15 - Kincora Boys' Home, Belfast and Bawnmore Children's Home Newtownabbey to commence 31st May 2016.
27/05/16 Inquiry's final module to consider Kincora Boys' Home and Bawnmore Children's Home.
31/05/16 Opening remarks at the final Module - Kincora and Bawnmore.
06/01/17 Inquiry Report has been delivered to First Minister and deputy First Minister & arrangements for Launch
18/01/17 Publication of the HIA Inquiry Report on Friday 20 January 2017.
19/01/17 Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry to be published tomorrow 20 January 2017.
20/01/17 Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry finds evidence of widespread systemic failings and recommends compensation for victims.
20/01/17 Launch of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report - Statement by the Chairman
15/02/17 HIA Response to Belfast Telegraph Articles
13/06/17 Chairman writes to Assembly Party Leaders


Chairman writes to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland bringing the Inquiry to a close.